Seasonal Produce Box

One box containing a range of beautiful seasonal spray-free produce straight from our hydroponic farm to your door.


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We use special varieties of basil. Our varieties of basil are fragrant and full of flavour. ideal for italian cooking or even through a salad


A kitchen garden classic, our chives can be mused fresh or in cooking. Look out for them in our mixed salad herb trays available in supermarkets


Sometimes known as French parsley, chervil has a lovely delicate aniseed flavour. ideal to pair with seafood, chicken or for in French cooking.


The fragrance of our coriander will transport you straight to South East Asia. Beautiful light herb which is essential in curries, and asian inspired meals


instantly recogniseable as the herb to match with seafood, our dill will elevate your meal to the next level!

Greek basil

A small leaf variety of basil, Greek basil has some beautiful spicy notes. it makes a great addition to fresh salads or dressings.

Lemon verbena

a strong sweet lemon flavoured herb. Can be used to make herbal teas or in cooking.


Fantastic when paired with lamb or in Italian dishes. Our oregano packs a full flavour!


Available in micro, medium or large sizes. Watercress has a peppery punch. Moss curled varieties available as well.

Thai basil

This basil variety is known for its distinctly aniseed flavour. it is a key ingredient in South East Asian cuisine.


This is our namesake herb and as such, we keep a good stock of it year round! A woody herb, thyme is a beautiful accompaniment to chicken and fish.

Green frill

Our green frill is hydroponically frown in a spray-free environment. A nice crunchy leaf lettuce. Great in burgers

Green oak

Our green oak have a beautiful wide leaf and mild flavour. The perfect base for a green salad. Cab be purchased as a head or loose leaf.

Red oak

A lovely milf flavoured lettuce. Red oak provide colour to your plate. Available has a head or in loose leaf.

Red frill

Our red frill are a vibrant lettuce that provide crunch and colour on the plate. Available in heads or loose leaf


Our cos have a nice smooth leaf. Great crunch and the classic lettuce for caesar salads. inner leaves are great for lettuce boat canapes.

Loose leaf lettuce

A loose leaf blend of red oak, green oak, red frill, green frill lettuce leaves. Available in surpermarkets in 150g or 200g bags, or by the kilo.

Lettuce and herb mix

Our loose leaf lettuce mix of red oak, green oak, red frill, green frill blended with our signature blend of fresh herbs. available in supermarkets in 150g, 200g or by the kilo.

Baby spinach

Great fresh or cooked our baby leaf spinach is must have for your weekly menu! Very versatile with a lovely light flavour.


A blend of mustards, mizuna, kales and baby chards. Available through supermarkets in 150g or 200g bags or by the kilo.

baby kales

A mixture of different baby kale varieties. Lovely soft baby kales are great fresh or cooked.

Coloured chards

Baby red stemmed and yellow stemmed chard (silverbeet). Can be used fresh or cooked. Available in supermarkets in 150g, 200g or by the kilo.

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